A printable Runescape World Map

24 pages total and the image overlaps about an inch.
Overlap of image also creates extra space for binding and easier cutting pasting into original poster size.
Individual pages help in editing new updates because the world is always changing.

Original poster size Runescape World.png (~ 40 x 36 in.) ( 96.5 x 91 cm.) @96dpi

Poster Runescape world map

Runescape_image_map.htm used for this site. Pages named (world_000.png - world_023.png).
Save this page for all needed for your use. Each page can be zoomed to pixel view for detail.

Runescape image map preview

OR Download all files in zipped together. Runescape World.zip Runescape_World.zip

Note - Edited map to my preferences and is always a work in progress.
Because the world is always changing.
Some parts repositioned to save on space/paper.
Also a width limit total of about 40 inches wide and with each page printable on Letter size 8.5 x 11 in.
For any changes in the future maps means a "refresh" of your browser will be needed for them to be seen.
"Tech" wise means all file names remain the same in browser cache and I personally do not know if you revisited for and update.

Script below was used to create the image map and pages which can be used to create your personal poster. Meaning any poster can be used if wanted.

I finally found a program to automate generation of an image map and pages with overlapping images called ImageMagick.
Image Magick is a most versatile graphics program -example batch script below. (windows version)
c:\im\convert.exe world.png -crop 6x4+96+96@ -geometry 256x196-30-30 +repage +adjoin world_%%03d.png
c:\im\montage -label %%t -tile 6x4 world_*.png "Runescape Image map.htm"
For help contact me in game or Discord - Runepic#2447
Note. added (July 2019) page numbers located lower right on each page for reference help in rejoining (0 to 23) and notice page frames are 6 across by 4 down.
-fill Red -pointsize 10 -gravity SouthEast -annotate 0 " %%p" -used for page numbering
Pages annotated 0 to 23.

Home page https://imagemagick.org/index.php
download from https://imagemagick.org/script/download.php#windows

 Map is owned by Jagex

2019 June 6 - 2019 July 3